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Life events that led to today and the journey of exploration still continues
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My design journey kicked off in the most unexpected playgrounds: a collection of cars and endless drawings of my bedroom walls. Every car was more than a toy; it was a color, shape, and a storytelling lesson with my parents. This mix of play and wonder was my first step toward design and technology.
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My love for food was fueled by trying out new cuisines. As a foodie turned food blogger, documenting my culinary adventures and experiments in the kitchen. This passion led to an unexpected observation of the artful plating in restaurants: the visual appeal on a plate paralleled the impact of good design.
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I enjoy sharing stories, especially speaking to large audiences at events. It's not just about storytelling; it's about creating a bond, understanding, and empathy. This led me to approach design similarly, aiming to make each project engaging and personal, ensuring my designs resonate with viewers like a story.
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Now immersed in design, I see it as a journey of growth. It's more than pixels; it's about connecting, touching hearts, and creating memorable experiences. Every project is a chance to tell a story and forge personal connections. I value the smiles and 'aha' moments, focusing on the human element and crafting stories that linger beyond the screen.
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Dive into my culinary passion with @zestyflaves, where I explore new cuisines and share the joy of cooking and trying out food through each vibrant photo.
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Capturing everyday moments and turning them into lasting memories with each click, on the go.
Let's work together.
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